What has happened to my RACEceiver if it looks like black ink on the screen?
The LCD has been damaged.  If the audio still works there is a possibility that it can be repaired.  Because this is not a manufacturer defect the cost of repair is $45.00

What does it mean when the screen is counting 1,2,3, 1,2,3 over and over?
The battery is almost dead.

I am hearing all static.
Replace Battery

I am hearing all static and I have a new battery.
Your Squelch is turned off.  Hold the blue button and the right arrow key down at the same time to fix.

How do I change channels.
Hold the Blue button down until the channels start to blink. Then use the arrow keys to change to the correct channel.

Where can I send my RACEceiver to get repaired.
RACEceiver 872 Main St SW Ste D2, Gainesville, Georgia 30501

Will my RACEceiver Scan more than one channel.
No.  It’s designed to listen to one channel at a time.

Can I turn my RACEceiver off without taking the battery out.
Yes, hold the Red button down until it turns off.